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BMW 2 Series: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Posted on by Hayes

BMW 2 Series: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

The BMW 2 Series might be the purest driver’s car in the BMW stable. What do you need to know before you buy a 2 Series? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything right here in the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

The 2 Series is the latest version of the kind of car that made anybody care about BMWs at all (other than bubble-car enthusiasts): small two-door sedans/coupés that make you want to thank Motor Jesus that you know how to drive.

The 2 Series is the replacement for the 1 Series, the former smallest BMW that was the rebirth of the venerable 2002 and closest spiritual heir to the popular E30 3 Series of the 1980s. The good news is that the 2 doesn’t fall prey to the usual fate of replacements coming in too big, too heavy, and missing the point. Yes, the 2 is bigger and heavier than the old 1, but it still completely on message. That message is, of course, driving is great.

It’s big enough to be a practical daily driver, and not a wasted bit bigger. It starts at $32,850, so it’s not even all that expensive.
What It’s Like To Drive

The 2 Series is one of those rare cars that was designed more for the process of driving than the result, and you feel the results of that fundamental decision in everything you do in the car. The steering is one of the best electronically-assisted setups we’ve driven, responsive and with a good amount of feedback from the road. The car is balanced and feels just right, in that deep, pit of your groin sort of way. It’s an old-school RWD sports coupé made with modern stuff.

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